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Thrive Market

Thrive Market is an online market place that makes healthy shopping easy and accessible. You can shop by dietary preference, food allergy, or ingredient. Initially I was hesitant, I was worried it would be inconvenient or a hassle to shop online for groceries.

I turned out to be wrong! It is so easy. I originally came across Thrive from one of my favorite cookbook authors and food blogger, Alex Snodgrass. I love the variety of options available as well as the savings. Once you figure out a routine of ordering and stocking your shelves, you will find you are shopping more efficiently and more prepared to whip something up in short notice.

About once a month I order my pantry and fridge staples plus a little for back stock. For produce I typically go to the farmers market or grocery store, for meat I generally use Whole Foods or Butcher Box, and for fish I try to go to a local market or Whole Foods if i’m short on time. (Neves or L&F if you’re in the south bay)

In the video above I cover some of our favorite snacks and condiments and go over a few things to keep an eye out for in packaged foods like:

Added sugar in condiments

Natural Flavors

Darker glass for cooking oils

About Thrive

Thrive Market has both a yearly membership as well as a monthly one. While you do have to pay up front for the yearly one, I find it pays for itself rather quickly! Also for every yearly membership, Thrive provides a free one for a low-income family, student, teacher, veteran, or first responder. The yearly membership is offered for $59.95 or a monthly basis for $9.95. A Thrive Market membership allows you to order as often as you like, with no order frequency requirements or limits.

Quality Standards

  • Organic

If a product can be produced organically you will find that option available to shop online at Thrive Market.

  • Non-GMO

Because genetically modifying our food damages our soil, our water supply, and our health. Thrive Market promises you will never find food containing GMOs.

  • Sustainable

Both quality and sustainability are important to Thrive Market. They dig into the supply chains of every brand carried.

  • Nontoxic

Thrive Market vets every product they carry against a list of 550+ chemicals that they don’t approve of.

  • For You

“We all have different health goals. That’s why we’ve tagged every product according to 70 different diets, allergies, and lifestyle factors—so you can easily filter by what matters most to you.”

Try Thrive Today

By clicking here. You receive 25% off your first order, and I receive $25 Thrive cash. Once you are a member of Thrive Market, you are able to receive a personalized link to share with friends or family to get savings as well.

Let me know if you are a Thrive Shopper! What are your favorite brands? I find I am buying Thrive Brand for pantry and baking staples more and more 🙂

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