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I am sharing my super beauty matcha recipe made with high quality ceremonial grade matcha, raw honey, collagen pearl powder, and raw milk! I’ve moved away from coffee over the last few years and have finally mastered the perfect ratios for my matcha recipe.

Reducing Caffeine

A few years ago I really started looking at how certain foods and lifestyle choices were affecting my quality of life. I started working with a functional medicine doctor to help me find some of the root causes of irregular painful periods, weight gain, anxiety, and just feeling overall crappy.

While I did a number of things like food elimination testing and food journaling, I found that coffee was not serving me! Turns out, I am way too sensitive to the caffeine, so I cut it cold turkey for 6 months. I immediately noticed my periods were more manageable, I was sleeping better, and truly I a huge reduction in anxiety and my mental health.

While working with my doctor I also read a ton about how caffeine can be tough on your adrenals which can affect your hormones, cycles, and thyroid levels. After about 6 months I introduced Matcha and now that is the only drink I have in the mornings with caffeine. Every once in a while, I crave an iced mocha so I usually get one decaf.

Look into the work and writing of Aviva Romm, Carrie Vitt, Alisa Vitti, Kelly Leveque, Lily Nichols. These women’s blogs, books, and social media pages have really helped me understand optimizing food for my body and hormones.

What makes it a super beauty Matcha?


Matcha green tea is obviously the star of the show here! I would advise getting ceremonial grade organic Matcha. Matcha is the ground up green tea leaves. Not only does matcha provide small amounts of vitamins and minerals, it is rich in polyphenols (antioxidants that healthy blood pressure, blood sugar, skin, and heart health). While matcha contains caffeine, it has less than a cup of coffee and it has something called l-theanine which promotes calmness. My personal favorite brand is Pique.

Pique Matcha Beauty Benefits:

  • EGCG firms and brightens skin
  • Chlorophyll supports skin clarity
  • Caffeine supports lipid metabolism
  • 100% organic, ceremonial-grade and quadruple toxin screened


I really like adding collagen to my morning matcha. Specifically, I love this collagen pearl powder from Agent Nateur. Collagen supports healthy hair, skin, nails, and gut health. Collagen contains bioavailable amino acids and trace minerals including silica, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Agent Collagen Beauty Benefits:

  • Pearl powder is the richest source of calcium on the planet. When ingested, this oceanic adaptogen stimulates the appearance of collagen production and regeneration for youthful, clear skin and healthy hair and nails. Its high magnesium content elevates the appearance of GABA levels to lessen the look of oxidative stress that leads to premature aging and boosts the mood.
  • Marine collagen is an absorbable, sustainable type 1, 2, 3 and 4 collagen derived from the scales of wild-caught, deep-sea fish. Marine collagen supports hair and nail growth, boosts skin appearance, supports healthy joints, and reduce the feel of inflammation throughout the entire body.

Raw Milk

Milk and dairy is another food group I swore off for a long time. Conventional dairy products tend to break out my skin and they just weren’t serving me. I drank oatmilk for a while but aside from Malk, most on the market are full of inflammatory seed oils and didn’t make me feel great! Oatmilk can also spike your blood sugar.

The milk situation was a headache. I decided to add back in higher quality milk to see if I did okay with it. I do best with Raw Milk from this California local brand. Sometimes I don’t have access to Raw Farm so my next choice in Alexandre A2/A2 milk. Their A2/A2 milk is organic and doesn’t contain A1 which is a harder to digest protein found in most conventional milks. Alendre is not raw but its the next best option.

Raw Milk Beauty Benefits:

Healthy Fats

Natural Probiotics


Easier to digest

Raw Honey

My preferred sweetener, especially in matcha! I love this one from San Martin, CA. I prefer natural forms of sweetener when I use them.

Tools / Links

Bodum Glass Mug

Recycled Glass Cup

Agent Nateur Holi Mane

Pique Matcha

Duralex Small Glass Bowl

Raw Milk (California)

Raw Milk Finder




Whisk Holder (Chasen)

Matcha is one of a few items I consider to be “non beauty, beauty products” read more about the others here!

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