Monthly Favorites – November

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Monthly Favorites – November

I’m here bringing you my November Monthly Favorites. I had two trips in November, Austin and Cabo. I used these products throughout both!

  1. Kiki Kreme Body Butter. I came across this body butter last year, I think on Instagram. It was created by a mother for her growing belly during pregnancy. I ended up purchasing it for a newly pregnant friend of mine. While I am not currently pregnant, I got one for myself as well! The texture of this cream is amazing. It starts as a solid, but as you work it in your hands it becomes a light weight oil. It is made of 6 simple ingredients: Organic Shea butter, Organic Mango butter, Organic cocoa butter, Organic coconut oil, Organic almond oil, Organic vitamin E. I slather this on my body post shower. I have since bought another for myself and one another friend- honestly, you need it.

2. Organic Olivia Zinc supplement. I have loved everything Herbalist Olivia, of Organic Olivia has created. Her Zinc formula is no different. OO’s formulation includes Quercetin, Orange Peel, and EGCG — the antioxidant derived from Green Tea — which ensures that you get the most benefit from your Zinc supplement. With the current state of the world and our recent travel, I am always rotating supplements to support our immune system. We take Zinc a few times a week and rotate it with her Immune Shroom formula as well as Pique Tea Liposomal Vitamin C. *Be mindful of too much Zinc, because it can deplete copper in your body. (always check with your doctor on supplements).

3. Pique Tea Sencha Green. You all know I am obsessed with Pique Tea. I take some packets every trip I go on. They are one of the few tea companies that test for heavy metals, toxic mold, and pesticides. They also don’t use tea bags so you are able to avoid micro-plastic contamination. I love add half of a ginger packet to every tea I make.

(4) One Love Organics Skin Savior. OLO is an OG clean beauty brand for me. I bought Skin Savior for Cabo because I thought it would be easy to use for travel as a moisturizer and don’t know why I ever stopped using it! The product is a thick kind of balm. You can use it to remove makeup, as an oil cleanser, or as a moisturizer. I personally use it as a last step to seal in all of my products, especially in the winter months. I also used it anywhere my skin felt sensitive after too much sun when I was in Cabo last week.

(5) Humangear Go-Toob’s are perfect for travel. They are these little silicone squeeze tubes, I love them! I used them for shampoo, conditioner, curl cream and just kept using the tube back in my shower at home until it was empty. I got mine from The Organic Bunny website (where I buy a ton of clean beauty). But you can get them from their website as well.

(6) Henné Organics Lip Balm. This may be one of the more luxurious lip balms I’ve ever used. My lips love it. In California, I don’t struggle with dryness quite as much as when I lived in Denver, but my lips just feel really good with this stuff, especially when I am drinking enough water too. I use it at night and feel like it works so well when I wake up.

There she is! My Monthly Favorites for November. I love putting these together because it gives me a chance to look back and see what I have been gravitating towards and how I spent my time, energy, and money. I hope you find them helpful too!

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