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I rounded up my recent empty containers for personal care products and I’m sharing what I will and won’t re-buy!

Empty Containers

  1. Boka Ela Mint Toothpaste trades fluoride for nano-hydroxyapatite (n-Ha), an evolution in dentistry that’s been a gold standard in Japan for over 40 years. n-Ha makes up the primary foundation of teeth and bones, meaning it’s naturally restorative and helpful in reducing sensitivity. I am definitely keeping this product! It is one of the better low tox dental products that I have tried. By now I hope you know that I love combining holistic care with traditional practices. Dr. Mark Burhenne and Dr. Staci Whitman are two holistic Dentists that I love to follow along with on social media.

2-3. Agent Nateur is one of my favorite clean brands. Deodorant was one of the first products that launched with the brand. I truly love everything Jena puts out. Between the 2 deodorant formulas I have tried, I would not rebuy the sensitive one because I didn’t love the way it smelled on me and didn’t feel it was as effective as others. I really like and will be rebuying the No. 3, Jena’s first formula.

4. One Love Organics was one of the first clean beauty brands I used 5 years ago. While I like some of their products, I have found the Skin Dew formula to be inconsistent and not heavy enough for me personally. I won’t be rebuying this one.

5-6. Aleavia Skincare is a family owned prebiotic plant-based skincare line. Their soaps are gentle, effective, and at a good price point. In the video above, I talk about the Green Tea Cleanser as well as the Purifying Facial Cleanser, and will be rebuying both.

My hope is that these empty container roundups help you make more informed purchases moving forward!

Check out my post about Gua Sha if learning more about skincare is your thing 🙂

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