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Why I Journal

In the video above I am breaking down my journaling/goal notebook and my daily journaling routine! I have tried to incorporate journaling into my routine on and off over the last few years. Last year, in 2020, it became a non negotiable habit. It provides clarity on my feelings, distinguishes thought patterns, addresses what is worth bringing up in therapy, and what may be worth letting go of!

A common thread I have noticed from conversations I’ve had with friends is that you never regret taking the time to journal but there’s also a lot of resistance to just picking up a pen and starting. I’ve heard things like “what do I
write about” or whats the point I have all the thoughts in my head”. Journaling may not be for you but I think it’s worth giving a try if you are struggling with feeling grounded and clear.

Daily Breakdown

  • Free write/Prompt
  • Things I am grateful for (3)
  • People I send love to (3)
  • Goals/Dreams (3)
  • Today I want to feel ______

Goals/Vision Board

In the back of my notebook I create a “vision board”. This sections is full of printed out photos and cut outs from magazines that represent people, places, things, and Ideas that I want to work towards. I have quotes on there, travel photos, home inspo, and pictures that elicit feelings of hope and happiness. It’s nice to have the photos in a place I can easily reference and look over before or after I journal.


Prompts can be a helpful tool if any of the above rings true. I find prompts online, create my own, or pull from a card deck like these from Gabby Bernstein and Louise Hay.

  1. What is one thing I can check off my to-do list today, that would feel really good?
  2. What do I need to let go of to feel peace?
  3. I am proud of myself because…
  4. Am I feeling any feelings that are uncomfortable to admit?
  5. Simple things that I can lean into daily that bring me joy are…

I hope this blog post and the video above inspires you to incorporate journaling into your routine and create a framework of your own! Check out my Wellness Reading List freebie if incorporating daily reading is more your thing!

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