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I’m walking you through my curly hair routine over the course of 4 days. I happen to be using all Innersense Organic Beauty products at the moment t in this video, I am always switching things up! The video above spans over four days and is intended for people who wear their hair curly the majority of the time.

Over the last few years I really started leaning in and embracing my curls. As much as I love and appreciate a good blow out, I was tired of feeling like my curls didn’t look polished or nice enough. Then 2020 hit and as a result, it was easier than ever to commit to play around with styling. I was able to go 14 months without drying my hair straight and I really learned how to style my curls in a way that I loved. My hair is the healthiest its ever been. These days, the blow dryer is officially back in the rotation, but rarely more than 3x a month.


  • Only brush your hair on the day you are washing or in the shower with conditioner.
  • Brushing your hair breaks up the curl pattern and can result in frizz.
  • Definitely don’t brush it dry.
  • Have a set of products you use for your curls and a different one for your blow outs.
  • Give products a week or two of testing before deciding what you like
  • Switch up the order of how you apply product, it can affect the overall result!
  • Patience is key 🙂
  • Having curly hair is unique and beautiful. Figuring out how you like to style them is half the battle.


  • Day 1 starts on day 4 (or your dirtiest day)
    • Brush your hair root to ends – really take the time to get all tangles out and pull oil through.
    • You’re likely gonna shampoo 2x sometimes 3 depending on how dirty your hair is.
    • Don’t be alarmed if you have more shedding – this is this only day I brush and shampoo so it’s normal
    • Apply Cream
    • Apply Salt Spray
    • Leave hair alone!
  • Day 2-3 the least amount of work and effort!
    • Rinse hair about 50% with water in the shower
    • reapply a fraction of the product based on the day before
    • repeat for days 3/4 depending how long you go!
  • Start over!
  • If you are wanting to wear it blown dry – I would shampoo with a clarifying shampoo first, then your usual shampoo. Get out of the shower and brush your hair and proceed with that routine.


Are inspired to try styling your natural curls? Let me know in the comments below if you have any tips and if this was helpful!

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  2. Maris says:

    Trying this week! Thank you! I’ve never done salt spray on wet hair, but maybe that’s why I’ve never liked it, just been using it the wrong way.

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