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Dubbs joins me in doing a clean chocolate protein taste test to compare the flavor from brands, Be Well By Kelly, Truvani, and Just Ingredients. These female founded brands created proteins that are made with minimal ingredients, test for heavy metals, and made without synthetic ingredients, fillers, gums, and sweeteners. I stand behind all of these brands, the taste test is just for fun!

Protein is a product that can be full of so much crap! While protein may not be a necessary product to have on hand, it is great to add to smoothies to keep your blood sugar balanced when combined with fruit. Maintaining balanced blood sugar throughout the day helps support your energy and mood, digestion, hormones, and sleep patterns.

In the video above we tested the protein in 3 identical smoothies containing, protein, spinach, 1/2 a frozen banana, soaked chia seeds, a scoop of peanut butter, water for liquid, and an ice cube. I implemented Kelly Leveque’s Fab Four Smoothie method to keep our blood sugar balanced. While we genuinely did like all three proteins. The results for taste alone were as follows:

Dubbs: Truvani, BWBK, Just Ingredients.

KK: Truvani, Just Ingredients, BWBK.

All three flavors were very good, however, in terms of ingredients the order would be,

BWBK, Just Ingredients, and Truvani.

If you are looking for plant based, Just Ingredients is my first choice until Kelly comes out with a plant option. If you are ok with animal protein, then Kelly is it. The reason Truvani is last is because the Cacao is alkalized, which is not only a chemical process, but it also removes half the antioxidants.

Be Well By Kelly Chocolate Protein

BWBK Chocolate Protein

Truvani Chocolate Protein

Truvani Chocolate Protein

Just Ingredients Chocolate Protein

Just Ingredients Chocolate Protein

I hope you find this clean chocolate protein taste test helpful! While I placed an order to powders, you really cannot go wrong with any of them. It was fun to have Dubbs join in on the fun. Check out my Thrive Market Haul – Pantry and Red Cabbage Slaw video if you like food related content!

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