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My “Non Beauty” Beauty Products & Supplements

There are so many things we can do that contribute to our hair, skin, nail, gut, sleep health and stress levels. Our body is so connected, when our natural detox pathways aren’t functioning optimally or if you aren’t sleeping well it shows up in other areas of our skin and body! There are “beauty products” that I have found that support my body inside and out.

These products and supplements are by no means required to incorporate into your life. They are a part of my wellness and beauty routines. I use these products and supplements at different times and in different ways. I break it all down in the video above and links below!

beauty products & supplements
Agent Natuer Holi Mane

Marine collagen and Pearl powder supplement. This powder includes 30 trace minerals and amino acids. It is a rich source of Calcium and magnesium and supports hair, skin and nails. The nutrient-dense blend also supports the increase of antioxidants, glutathione and superoxide dismutase, both essential for cell vitality. Shop AN here.

Heart & Soil Beef Organ Supplements

I learned about incorporating Beef Organs from Lily Nicol’s book, Real Food For Pregnancy. Organs from regenerative farm animals are some of the most nutrient dense sources of protein. They contains vitamins and minerals like A, D , E, K, B 12, Folate, Choline, Taurine. I alternate a few of these capsules with a prenatal depending on the day. Weeks where we eat liver, we pull back! Heart & Soil Beef Organs

Wild West Ferments Kraut

I learned about incorporating sour kraut to support my gut health when I worked with Dr. Will Cole. Carrie Vitt also covers it quite a bit. Sour kraut is fermented cabbage (the one I like also has carrots). It is full of vitamins and fiber. It contains probiotics that support our flora in our microbiome and digestive system. Wild West Ferments Kraut

Piquelife Matcha

I replaced coffee with Matcha about 2 years ago. Once I removed coffee, I realized how much it was affecting me. Matcha contains L-theanine which supports more balanced energy. ingredients like EGCG firms and brightens skin and Chlorophyll supports skin clarity. Pique is 100% organic, ceremonial-grade, and quadruple toxin screened. Piquelife Matcha

LMNT Electrolytes

Electrolytes aid in proper hydration. These powders (backed by nutritionist Kelly Leveque) are made of Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium. Proper hydration supports healthy detoxification, digestion, sleep, and skin health. I use these after a long day outside, post workout, or if I didn’t get enough water in during the day. LMNT Electrolytes

Organic Olivia Liver Juice

This tincture is a blend of herbs that supports elimination of waste through detoxification pathways. Supporting your liver can help with the appearance of healthy skin, balanced hormones, and energy levels. I have seen a huge difference in my cycles and skin since incorporating this gentle liver support. Organic Olivia Liver Juice

I consider all of these items beauty products, because they all have internal and external benefits and we all know that beauty comes from within!

Speaking of beauty from within, if you use protein in your daily life, check out my chocolate protein taste test here.

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